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Yada Yada Yada

Yada Yada Yada

September 02, 2019

One of the most-watched sitcoms of the 1990s, Seinfeld is also one of the most popular television shows of all time. Loosely based on comedian Jerry Seinfeld’s life and career, the show spawned plenty of catchphrases like “No soup for you,” “Close talkers,” and “Yada, yada, yada.” As a continuation of his popular residency at the Beacon Theatre, Jerry Seinfeld will be performing 2 shows per evening on September 20, October 25, October 26, and November 22. After the conclusion of his eponymous show, Jerry Seinfeld returned to the stage to further cultivate his craft as a stand-up comedian. The results have been unbelievable as he continues to find a way to connect with audiences the same way he did way back in the 1970s. If you’re lucky, he might share some behind the scenes stories from the set, but no matter what, you are guaranteed to have a night full of laughs.

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