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Summer in the Square

Summer in the Square

June 03, 2019

Every Thursday from June 13 through August 8, there will be a variety of free community events offered at Union Square Park. The program, called Citi Summer in the Square, features a wide range of events such as movies, live shows, fitness classes, and even kid-centric offerings. For example, every Thursday, there will be morning Yoga and Tai Chi courses and evening HIIT and Dance Cardio courses. This year’s free movie showings on “Throwback Thursdays” are Michael Jordan’s Space Jam and Ghostbusters featuring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson. The kids will be delighted all summer long with crafts, books, Yoga Storytime, a bubble garden, soccer, cute animals, and even live performances. Speaking of live performances, Lunchtime Jazz will occur at noon every week, and Dueling Performances starts at 5. The lineup for the live shows changes weekly, but the energy and the fun are the same every week.

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