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He Blinded Me with Science

He Blinded Me with Science

April 01, 2019

Award-winning physics and chemistry teacher Borislaw Bilash combines science and showmanship in his incredible performance called That Chemistry Show. Borislaw will be performing all month long at The Playroom Theater which is only about a mile and a half from the Broadway Plaza Hotel. The show is perfect for the entire family as the dazzling displays appeal to everyone from the kids to their grandparents. Known as a “Mad Scientist,” Borislaw Bilash will demonstrate incredible feats of science such as secret writing techniques, elephant toothpaste, weaponized sugar, a firefly without fire, and even a paper cup that refuses to burn. That Chemistry Show is definitely educational, but Borislaw Bilash provides plenty of laughs and style that make the experience one of the most unique in the city. Borislaw Bilash has many years of science education, including a successful science book that is used across the nation, and he combines that experience with his natural charisma to create a popular off-Broadway show.

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