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An Equestrian Extravaganza in Central Park

September 03, 2017

Since Columbus reintroduced horses to the Americas in the 15th century, this majestic animal has been a mainstay of life in the United States, perhaps most iconically in the image of the Wild West cowboy galloping in on his trusty steed. At the 2017 Rolex Central Park Horse Show, you won’t find any cowboy gunslingers, but you will find five days of internationally renowned equestrian performance and competition, from Wednesday, September 20, to Sunday, September 24. The many world-class competitors will include Americans Kent Farrington and McLain Ward, who are currently the two top-ranked show jumpers in the world, as well as Germany’s Isabell Werth, the United States’ Laura Graves, and Great Britain’s Carl Hester, recognized internationally as the top three dressage athletes. The final day of the event, Sunday the 24th, will also mark the much acclaimed Family Day, in which the general public are invited to participate in a wide-array of family-friendly, up-close interactions with the horses.

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