A Historic Hotel in New York

The Birthplace of The Modern Movie Theater

Despite the newly renovated rooms, elegant entryway and modern lobby space, the Broadway Plaza Hotel has a rich history. Located at the corner of 27th Street and Broadway on the Northern edge of Manhattan’s famed Flatiron District, this historic hotel in New York was once the site of the first commercial movie theater in the world.

In 1891, Thomas Edison patended his invention for the Kinetoscope, an early motion picture viewing device. This incredible new machine captivated the public's attention and imagination when it was unveiled in Brooklyn, New York in 1893. On April 14th, 1894, the Holland Brothers opened the first public Kinetoscope parlor at 1155 Broadway, where the Broadway Plaza hotel stands today. It was an immediate success--for five cents (a hefty sum at the time!) a visitor could watch short movies with the biggest Vaudeville stars. This historic parlor was the birth of the modern cinema, and had a profound effect on culture and entertainment worldwide.

Although our Manhattan boutique hotel is now housed in a more modern building, the surrounding neighborhood retains the charm of Edison's time. Our boutique hotel is neighbored by pre-war buildings, and many of the structures along Broadway carry the elegant detailing for which the Flatiron District is known. Of course, the iconic Flatiron building is just a few blocks away, and a twilight stroll through Madison Square Park is just as magical today as it was centuries ago.